Fischoff Condemns Racism and Violence Against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

The Fischoff National Chamber Music Association unequivocally condemns the proliferation of abuse and violence against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. We especially mourn the brutal murders in Atlanta on March 23 of six women of Asian descent. The vitriolic public rhetoric that members of the Asian American and Pacific Islander community have faced in the United States since the pandemic began has been particularly disturbing. It stems from a long and deep-seated legacy of systematic racism towards Asians and Asian Americans.

The Fischoff family includes musicians, coaches, jurors, donors, staff, audience members, composers, friends and loved ones from the AAPI. This violence towards them hurts us all and must stop. We, as an organization, have an obligation to support Asians and Asian Americans. And we commit ourselves to dismantle the structures and narratives that allow for those racist acts of destruction to take place. Fischoff then recommits itself to its larger ongoing antiracist work to promote equity and inclusion through the celebration of the musical and creative arts. We honor the rich contributions of Asians, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders to the classical music world. We ask that you join us in embracing the richness of our nation's diversity and speaking out against this dangerous racism in all its forms.