Awards & Testimonials


Fischoff has received the following local, state and national recognition and awards:

  • 2015 National Endowment for the Arts, Artworks Grant
  • 2015 South Bend/Mishawaka Convention & Visitors Bureau, Tourism Grant
  • 2014 Leighton Award for Nonprofit Excellence, Community Foundation of St. Joseph County, South Bend, IN
  • 2014 South Bend/Mishawaka Convention & Visitors Bureau, Tourism Grant
  • 2013 South Bend/Mishawaka Convention & Visitors Bureau, Tourism Grant
  • 2013 National Endowment for the Arts, Artworks
  • 2012 South Bend/Mishawaka Convention & Visitors Bureau, Tourism Grant
  • 2011 South Bend/Mishawaka Convention & Visitors Bureau, Tourism Grant

"It's difficult to capture in a single statement just how profoundly the Fischoff National Chamber Music Association has impacted the culture of chamber music in schools and universities across the country; most likely across the globe!

During that early May weekend in South Bend, the Fischoff succeeds in permanently impacting the lives of hundreds of young musicians as well as hundreds of family members and local community members through impeccably conceived performance competition, and educational and community outreach. For a handful of chamber groups, an amazing relationship with the Fischoff National Chamber Music Association is able to continue for well over a year after the competition thanks to the dedication of the Fischoff staff board of directors, national advisory council, and its dozens of supporters, sponsors, and volunteers.

We cannot speak for other alumni of the competition, but for Barakada Quartet, the Fischofff was the end-of-year goal that allowed the four of us to discover a personal and artistic bond unlike anything we had ever experienced before; a bond that will last a lifetime."

- Barkada Quartet, 2012 Grand Prize Winner

"Even classical-style music can be unexpected fun. The kids loved meeting the musicians and exployring the instruments themselves. They also loved the short "intro to the instruments" - especially the "Pink Panther" theme! I have several kids eager to learn the sax, once they start middle school."

- Michiana Family YMCA

"I think the Fischoff is one of the great events, and would be so wherever it took place. That it takes place here in South Bend is our great fortune. Last year I arrived a little late, had to watch the performers on the television outside the hall. As the players started, I heard a voice beside me: "Ah, Shostakovich Opus 64." The speaker was a willowy teenage girl, maybe thirteen. A minute into the piece, she said, "Catch this," and just then the violinist executed a fiendishly difficult passage. "Very clean," said the girl. Anyone who doubts the future of classical music in this country should be required to attend the Fischoff."

Max Westler, competition attendee

“The Fischoff is the best of any of the competitions, and has provided the most supportive and nurturing environment for all young musicians.”
Wu Han, pianist and Artistic Director of The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, New York, New York
“The Fischoff has given us years of incredible kids ensembles that 'blow the minds' of listeners (and now viewers) across America.  We feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with you, and hope that we will be doing so for years to come.”
Jennifer Hurley-Wales, CEO, National Public Radio's From the Top

“Fischoff Competition alumni are a remarkable resource for Fischoff’s educational programs, which directly serve community young people, especially those most in need. These programs inspire thousands of children, a powerful testament to the impact of music and the arts.”
Rev. Edward “Monk” Malloy, CSC, President Emeritus, University of Notre Dame

"This tour was an incredible journey from the moment we began our first outreach concert at Liberty Elementary to our last words on WFMT. Each one of us has grown tremendously as musicians because of the abundance of expereiences we were given through Fischoff's Winners Tour. Every time we stepped out to perform, whether it was a small gymnasium or a 900 seat hall, we walked as artists with something to express on our instruments together. Thank you for providing those opportunities. Thank you for laying the foundation for us to build our art on. Our exposure to a wide variety of venues has changed us as a quartet in so many positive ways. We've gained much confidence both as a group and as individuals from just that one week of performances. The Calidore String Quartet will always keep the Fischoff experience close to heart. As we continue on, we will build on the generosity, kindness and dedication that has been bestowed on us from the Fischoff Competition. We appreciate all that the organization has done for the quartet and hope that our relationship lasts for a lifetime."

- Calidore String Quartet, 2011 Grand Prize Winner

"I have always felt that Fischoff does such an amazing job of supporting and building the community of our string world…Group after group that comes through the Fischoff Competition seems so capable and dedicated in sharing the best things music has to offer.  Yes, the technique is included, but the passion and connection to the human experience is very evident…My entire orchestra was on the edge of their seats for the performance… students were inspired to perform better and given a broader understanding to do so."
Lavon Oke, Director of Orchestras, Penn High School, Mishawaka, Indiana

"I really appreciated the feedback the members of the Linden Quartet gave to our students.  It meant a lot to our kids to hear their expert and artistic suggestions.  What really stuck with them (and me) was hearing them perform a short excerpt from one of our pieces.  We can listen to a recording, but to see and hear the performance right in front of you is much more meaningful.  The members of the quartet did an excellent job of relating to our students, both in explaining their own performance and providing feedback for our students’ performance.  And their performance level was of the highest caliber, of course.  Their musicianship, intonation, and technique were truly amazing and of a top professional level… The experience was exemplary for us." 
- Kyle Weirich, Orchestra Director, Elkhart Central High School, Elkhart, Indiana

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